Training: Is a controlled setting to learn new skills and improve overall performance. Skills are practiced and refined in order to improve performance.

Competition:  This is the time when the skills of the athlete are tested to their limit. At the edge of your performance limit there will be breakdowns in movement. These breakdowns should be fought because they are less efficient and will ultimately lower your performance.

Every day is not competition. There is no legitimate sport in the world where athletes train near their limit every day, it is not possible to maintain that level of intensity. Boxing and MMA camps last 8-10 weeks, every major sport has an off-season. In the gym is not game time, it is practice; and practice does not make perfect, perfect practice does.

Jiu-jitsu players routinely intentionally weaken themselves in order to practice certain aspects of their game. Using only one hand or intentionally putting themselves in bad positions in order to practice them. If they do not ‘win’ the sparing match it is irrelevant as the goal is to win at the tournament, not in the gym. This is not to say they do not try but ‘winning’ isn’t the main goal. Learn to look beyond the day’s workout. Refine your skills for competition.

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